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Big Game Hunting at North Star Gameland

Why do people choose North Star? Only at North Star will you find such an extensive hunting season and a wide variety of game. Here at North Star Gameland, you’ll have access to top-caliber big game normally found only in far reaching areas of the U.S. Year round hunting is a reality here and our Mid western location makes us easily accessible from almost anywhere. An experienced guide is provided at no extra charge. Pay only for your accommodations and the game you take. (Wounded game must be followed up.) Taxidermy services are available for a modest fee. North Star clients have come to expect a successful, memorable hunt.

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Hunts Available

Hunts for Mouflon, Texas Dall, Hawaiian Rams
Our carefully bred and managed herd is sure to produce a trophy mount. We’ll spot and stock hilly areas that provide lots of cover, adding to the challenge of your hunt.

Whitetail Deer hunts, Sika Hunting, Fallow Deer hunting

Whitetail Deer hunters, Sika hunters, Fallow hunters will be thrilled to find some of the best guided hunts and biggest racks around here at North Star Gameland. Choose from a rifle, bow or gun hunt. We can set you up in a ground blind or a tree stand, depending on your hunting preference. Terrain for deer hunts is heavily timbered, but also features lakes and fields. Disabled hunters are welcomed and accommodated.

Wild Boar Hunting

Guided Boar Hunting, these bad boys can be a thrilling challenge. We spot and stock out of stands. Dogs are available at no extra fee should you choose to use them. Our trophy boars typically run 250 pounds and up. Non-trophies are better eating and weigh in between 150 and 200 pounds. Either way, guided hunting wild boar at North Star is an exciting challenge you won’t forget.

Spanish Goat Hunts

Weighing in at 125 –150 pounds, these transplants from Spain offer a great trophy mount.

Elk Hunts

Our carefully managed herd can provide you with an incredible trophy. We’ll set you up to bugle in the big ones if you’d like to archery hunt. Rifle hunters are also typically successful stocking after the rut. We can provide blinds or stands if you prefer. Our goal is to provide you with an guided elk hunt to remember.

Buffalo Hunts

You won’t find a more spectacular mount than a great Bison. Unlike some outfitters, our buffalo hunts include meat. Come and harvest one of our big buffalo bulls!

Whatever big game guided hunts you’ve set your sites on, North Star Gameland promises a hunting experience you won’t forget. Click here Contact us to ask a question or make your reservation today.